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Society of Master Saddler Published Articles


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ETN – Anniversary Dinner
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Equestrian Trade News – National Competition
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Equi-Ads – Comfy Classic of Hidden Hazard
Equi-Ads – BETA International Awards
Equestrian Business Monthly – BETA International Awards
Northern Horse – BETA International Awards
Southern Horse – Tiffany Wins Top Award
Southern Horse – BETA International Awards
Horse&Countryside – SMS Attend Careers Fair
Carriage Driving – HRH Guest of Honour at National Competition
Equestrian Life – Eventing Saddles Explained
EBM – Best of British
EBM – Out with the Old
Absolute Horse – Saddles for Eventing
Northern Horse – Louise Wins Award
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ETN – SMS Support Careers Fair
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Equine – Checking your Saddle
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Equine – How can I Check my Saddle Fit?
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ETN – Saddle Fitting Under Review
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Equestrian Life – Saddlery Q&A
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Central Horse News – Frequently Asked Questions
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Absolute Horse – Q&A
ETN – Saddle Fitting Study
Pegasus – Q&A
TeenEquine – Q&A
The Gaitpost – Toys for Boys National Competition
Horse&Countryside – Q&A
HorseHour – Rider Weight Study
Equi-Ads – Saddle Checks – They Matter
Absolute Horse – A Seat for Dressage
Absolute Horse – Q&A
Horse&Hound - Toys for Boys National Competition
Central Horse News – Q&A
HorseHour – Q&A
Equestrian Index – National Competition Preview
The Gaitpost – Sue Norton New President
The Gaitpost – Busy Year for SMS
Equestrian Index – Sue Norton New President
Absolute Horse – Saddle Fitting: The Essentials
Equi-Ads – Saddle Fitting – The Essentials
Equi-Ads – Sue Norton is New President for SMS
Eqi-Ads – Creating History – The SMS National Competition
Equi-Ads Scotland - Society of Master Saddlers Support Rider Weight Study
Equi-Ads Scotland – Q&A
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Equine – Creating History
Southern Horse South East - Q&A
Northern Horse – Q&A
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Equi-Ads – Saddle Fitting – The Essentials
Equi-Ads – Q&A
Equestrian Trade News – SMS and World Horse Welfare
Equestrian Business – SMS Supports New Study
Southern Horse South West – Q&A
Absolute Horse – What to look for in your saddle
Absolute Horse – Q&A
Equestrian Trade News – Saddlery Show Their Skills
Equestrian Trade News – The Young Horse’s Introduction to a Saddle
Equine – Catherine Morris – A Passion For Saddlery


Noseband Q&A – Horse & Countryside
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Do you know your pommel from your cantle? - Everything Horse UK
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Neil Retires – ETN
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Careers – British Horse
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Endurance Saddles – Equestrian Index 


Time to Look at Your Tack – Southern Horse
The Right Tack – British Showjumping
Driving: The Road to Success – Horse & Countryside website
The Harness Journey – Horseytalk.net
BETA International – Showing Journal
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Prestigious Fellowship Awarded to Two Leading Figures in the Industry – Horseytalk.net
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Saddlers appoint new president-ETN
Complete with tack - Absolute Horse
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Master Saddler’s Enjoy Tour – Local Rider 
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Parts of a Saddle – Everything Horse.co.uk
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Laura Dempsey New President – Equine Magazine


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