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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my local saddler a member of the Society?

All of our retail and individual members are included. Click here to find a member.

Can I enrol on one of the Society's saddle fitting courses?

The Society's Qualified Saddle Fitters Course is open to members of the Society of Master Saddlers and their employees and other saddle fitters with the necessary experience.  
The Introductory Course in Saddle Fitting, run in conjunction with the British Equestrian Trade Association, is open to Society members, retail members of BETA and some other equestrian professionals such as Veterinary Surgeons, Farriers, physiotherapists and BHSAIs, IIs, Is and Fellows. Contact the Society for more information.
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How can I train to become a Saddler?

See Training Providers.

Where can I go to take my Saddlery Skills Assessments?

A list of centres where these assessments can be undertaken can be found under The City & Guilds Skills Assessment Scheme for the Saddlery Trade.

No. There are a number of different categories of membership and details of these can be found under categories of membership.

Are all those who describe themselves as 'Master Saddlers' members of the Society?

No.  Those who claim 'Master Saddler' status but who are not listed as a Society member may not hold the qualifications which would be required for Society membership.  Membership as a Master Saddler within the Society is subject to inspection and approval.

How do I become a member?

All members must either have certain saddlery qualifications (see City & Guilds Saddlery Qualifications under Training) or run a retail or manufacturing business which fulfils the SMS criteria.  For full details of the criteria for membership please view the categories here.

If your question is not answered by the above please contact the Society at: enquiries@mastersaddlers.co.uk