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Introductory Bridle Fitting Course 2022

Date: Theory via Webinars. Practical 23rd August 2022
Venue: Berkshire College

Supported by The Worshipful Company of Loriners

Theory sessions to be presented via Webinar

  Introduction & how to use Webinar tools               
        The Horse's Head - a Veterinarian's Perspective   
        Successful Lorinery Selection           
        Bridle Materials / Quality and Safety                       
        Measuring and Fitting                            
        Customer relations and record keeping    

Practical Day
(Delegates split into groups which circulate around the stations)

-    Bit Fitting & Action                                   
o    Observation of mouth
o    Measuring bit components
o    Fitting a bridle with selection of bits
o    Discussion of bitting actions

-    Double Bridle fitting                               
o    Observation of mouth and selecting appropriate bit size
o    Component parts
o    Correct Fitting
o    Showing incorrect sizing
o    Correct fitting of and reasons for curb chain and lipstrap
o    Customer needs and opinions

-    Measuring                                       
o    Measuring for a bespoke bridle and to achieve correct fit

-    Specialist Bridles & Fitting Nosebands                    
o    Observe and discuss specialist bridles
o    Fit selection of nosebands
o    Influence of nosebands

The full course consists of both the theory & practical sessions and the theory must be completed before attending the practical session.

2022 Fees:  

SMS Members:  Webinars: £105 + VAT  Practical: £155 + VAT. Total £260+VAT

BETA Members, BHS & PC Coach, ACPAT, ESMA, NAVP & RAMP members & Charities:
                        Webinars: £115 + VAT  Practical: £175 + VAT.  Total £290+VAT

Others:             Webinars: £125 + VAT  Practical: £185 + VAT.  Total £310+VAT

'New member' vouchers are valid as part payment for this course.

To register your interest please click here to download application form  or for more information contact the Society Office on 01449 711642