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The Mysterie of Saddlery

It looks at all aspects of the industry from saddlery sales and auctions around the country to looking at the tanning process, work of a Master Saddler, side-saddle expertise, metalwork, the history and heritage of saddlery, the currying process, harness making specialism, the Pliance system, life at a tack shop, the Saddlery Training Centre, work at the Royal Mews as well as leather skills required to make objects such as leather kitchen door handles, and a visit to the National Saddlery Competition. There is nothing left unturned in this hugely insightful film.

The film depicts the intricate detail and enormous amount of work that goes into making each and every saddle, bridle and harness made by members of the Society of Master Saddlers, and accentuates the superior quality that they hold.

The film has been widely praised and provides essential viewing for those interested in the captivating process of saddlery making.

'The Mysterie of Saddlery-from Hide to Horse' is available to buy from the Society of Master Saddlers at £10. For more information contact them on 01449 711642.