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Saddle Service Records

The Society has produced a Saddle Service Record card which SMS saddle fitters may give to their customers with each new saddle sold. The purpose of this Record is to allow the owner of the saddle to keep an accurate record of what has happened to the saddle for the duration of its life.  This will provide assurance to any future purchasers of the saddle second-hand that it has been well cared for. It will also act as a quick reference for the saddler or saddle fitter as to work previously carried out.

The Record should be filled out and issued to the customer with every new saddle sold.

  • The success of the Record relies on each saddle being stamped with the seller's unique ID number followed by either the manufacturer's saddle number or, if there is no number, a number created by the seller for that particular saddle.  This is to ensure there will be no duplicated numbers for the future.
  • Example: Saddler's ID + Saddle No. AB01 1234.
  • Every time the saddle is sold in future the Record should accompany it.
  • Every time the saddle is checked for fit or work is carried out the Record should be dated, completed and signed by the Society of Master Saddlers' Member.·
  • The Member will still keep all templates and usual records as before.  The Saddle Service Record is designed for the owner of the saddle to keep.  The saddle's unique ID number should be included on the fitter's records.
  • The number also provides a measure of traceability and therefore security.
Service records are available from the SMS office and cost £17.00 per 100 excluding VAT and postage.

The die stamps to stamp the saddle with the unique ID number must be purchased by the member and are available from most hardware stores or companies such as Tool Station or Screwfix for around £10.

NB:  Master Saddler members should not use their Master Saddler stamp as this is for use only on items manufactured by the member.