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Saddle Research Trust 2nd International Conference: Horses, Saddles and Riders: Applying the Science

Over thirty SMS members attended the Saddle Research Trust 2nd International Conference held on Saturday 29th November at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Supported by World Horse Welfare.

Speakers included: Dr. Sue Dyson - Animal Health Trust, Line Greve - Royal Veterinary College and Animal Health Trust, Anne Bondi - University of Sunderland, Prof. Lars Roepstorff - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. Christian Peham - University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Dr. Michael Weishaupt - University of Zurich, Prof. Hilary Clayton - Michigan State University and Prof. Rene van Weeren - University of Utrecht. 

Lectures included: Horse, saddle and rider interaction. How does the latest scientific research promote equine welfare and performance?

Links to some of the research papers will be available on-line shortly.