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SMS Saddlery Competition Results 2020

The Society of Master Saddlers held its annual saddlery competition on Monday the 3rd of February 2020, at Saddlers' Hall, London. The competition and evening reception at Saddlers' Hall were hosted and supported by the Worshipful Company of Saddlers.
The competition is open to all Members of the Society and includes classes for all levels of experience from Student to Master Saddler.

Follow the links below to see photographs from the 2020  Competition

Apprenticeship Presentations

Prize Winners

2020 Competition Presentations

2020 Winners with Entries

2020 Competition Reception

2020 Results

Class 1        Master and Apprentice   A Dog Collar made by the apprentice and Plain Lead made by the Master.
    One prize is awarded for this class and the winners were:
    1st:    Sarah Stevens and Lily Spackman
    Premiums:  Sarah Stevens, Lily Spackman, Apprentices Rachel Lok, Gudrun Thuesen, Zoe Hurst and Joanna Murphy and Master Saddler Guy Barrett.

Class 2a    Trainees in year's 1 & 2   A Head Collar conforming to Level 2 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification
Sponsored by Abbey England
    1st:    Michelle Bogaerdt, Capel Manor College
    2nd:    Ruby Knights, Capel Manor College
    3rd:    Katherine Hinchcliffe, Capel Manor College
    Premiums:   Michelle Bogaerdt, Ruby Knights, Katherine Hinchcliffe, Shaun Powell and Alexa Parlour.

Class 2b    Trainees in year's 3 & 4   Show Double Bridle conforming to Level 3 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification
    1st:    Lily Spackman, S E S Saddlery and Saddlery Training Centre
    2nd:    Rudy Llewellyn, Wylye Valley Saddlery
    3rd:    Rachel Oldfield, Saddlery Training Centre
    Premiums:   Lily Spackman, Rudy Llewellyn and Rachel Oldfield.

Class 2c        Trainee Harness Class   A Breeching Seat conforming to Level 2 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification
    Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Coach & Coach Harness Makers
    1st:    Charlotte Cheesman, Capel Manor College
    2nd:    Michelle Bogaerdt, Capel Manor College
    3rd:    Georgina Chapman, Capel Manor College
    Premiums:   Charlotte Cheesman, Michelle Bogaerdt, Georgina     Chapman, Tara Crowley, Lily Spackman, Rachel Lok, Ruby Knights, Katherine Hinchcliffe, Alexa Parlour and Sian Sparrow.

Class 3a    Trainee Saddle (Rural)   A Leather Saddle meeting the criteria of C&G Level 2 or 3 Saddle specification
    Sponsored by H Webber & Osborne Tools
    1st:    Clair Rivers-Boyden, Saddlery Training Centre
    2nd:    Rudy Llewellyn, Saddlery Training Centre
    3rd:    Leah Wright, Saddlery Training Centre
    Premiums:  Clair Rivers-Boyden and Rudy Llewellyn.

Class 3b    Trainee Saddle (Trade)   Any style of Leather Astride Saddle
    1st:    Sam Smith, Bliss of London Ltd
    Premiums:  Sam Smith.

Class 4        Intermediate Bridle for those with less than 7 years' experience   A Five Point Breastplate with Standing Martingale attachment
    1st:    Becky Simmons
    2nd:    Kelly Jones
    3rd:    Amy Baldwin

Class 5        Special Open Class   A pair of Rolled Pelham Roundings
    1st:    Helen Reader
    2nd:    Jeff Barry
    3rd:    Lynsey Ellis
    Premiums:  Helen Reader and Jeff Barry.

Class 6        Small Business Saddle Makers   Any design of English Astride leather saddle
    1st:    Penny Dickson
    2nd:    George MacEachran
    3rd:     Joshua Morris-Siegel

Class 7         Trade / Company Saddle   Any design of leather English Astride Saddle
    1st:    Frank Baines Saddlery
    Premiums:  Frank Baines Saddlery, Bliss of London and D L F Saddlery.

Class 8        A new class for a Trade / Company Accessory   Leather Girth or Stud Guard
    1st:    D L F Saddlery Ltd
    Premiums:  D L F Saddlery Ltd.

Class 9        Open Harness   A Breast Collar with Neck Strap
Sponsored by Cribbs Carriage Masters & Funeral Directors
    1st:    Catrien Coppens
    2nd:    Chris Taylor, Saddlers Den
    3rd:    Carolyn Truss
    Premiums:  Catrien Coppens, Chris Taylor and Carolyn Truss.

Class 10    Open Bridle   A Double Bridle with Cavesson Noseband
Sponsored by SEIB Insurance Brokers
    1st:    Line Hansen
    2nd:    Isobel Russell
    3rd:    Coralie Chung
    Premiums:  Line Hansen, Isobel Russell, Coralie Chung, Kirsty Thomson and Sam Belasco.

Class 11    Open Saddle   Any design of leather GP Saddle
    1st:    Lee Jones, Winners Circle
    2nd:    David Rollinson, Bliss of London Ltd
    3rd:    Mark Smith, Bliss of London Ltd
    Premiums:  Lee Jones, David Rollinson, Mark Smith and John Hardwick.

Class 13    Open Class    A Bitless or Hackamore Bridle
    1st:    Sorrel Russell  
    2nd:    Kirsty Thomson
    3rd:    Catherine Baker
    Premiums:  Sorrel Russell, Kirsty Thomson, Catherine Baker, Corrin King and Penny Dickson.

Class 14    The President's Choice   'A Leather item with a Nautical Theme'
    1st:    Godfrey Morris for the lighthouse with the flashing beacon
    2nd:    Catherine Baker for the Anchor
    3rd:    Helen Leedham for the ships wheel
    Premiums:  Godfrey Morris, Catherine Baker, Helen Leedham, Lucy Ellis, Ruth Wyatt and Claire Barnett.


The Neil McCarraher Trophy for the most attractive and commercially viable saddle in Class 7 was awarded to Frank Baines Saddlery.

The Ken Lyndon Dykes Perpetual Trophy for best entry in the President's Choice class was awarded to Godfrey Morris for his Lighthouse.

The Tony Byrne Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry by an Apprentice or Trainee was awarded to Andrew Hawkins for his entry in the open harness class.

The Tony Russell Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry was awarded to Catrien Coppens for her entry in the open harness class.

The Alf Batchelor Memorial Trophy for the best bridlework entry was awarded to Line Hansen for her entry in the open bridle class.

The Les Coker Millennium Trophy for best entry by a Millennium Apprentice was awarded to Lily Spackman.

The Bruce Emtage Memorial Plate for Best in Show was awarded to Frank Baines Saddlery for the entry in the trade saddle class.