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SMS Saddlery Competition Results 2019

The majority of the prize fund has been generously provided by The Worshipful Company of Saddlers with contributions from Abbey England, Tandy Leather, the Worshipful Company of Coach and Coach Harness Makers, Cribbs Carriage Masters and Osborne Tools.  Musto have also donated extra prizes for the trainee classes.  We thank everyone for their support.

Links to photographs:

Please follow this link to view a small selection of photographs taken at the competition.

Competitors and Guests


Prize Winners

Class 1    Master and Apprentice   A Head Collar made by the Apprentice and Flat Lead Rein made by the Master.  

    1st:    Apprentice Rachel Lok and Master Janet Legg
    Premiums:  Rachel Lok, Janet Legg, Amy Baldwin, Chris Taylor, Lily Spackman and Sarah Stevens
Trainee Bridlework 

Class 2a     A Snaffle Bridle conforming to Level 2 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification for those in years 1 and 2

    Sponsored by Abbey England and Musto

1st:    Andrew Hawkins, Capel Manor College
    2nd:    Gudrun-Kirstine Gadegaard Thuesen, Capel Manor College
    3rd:    Zoe Brown, Capel Manor College
    Premiums:   Andrew Hawkins, Gudrun-Kirstine, Zoe Brown, Tara Griffin, Kristiyan Marinov, Emily Cain and Claire Davenport,

Class 2b    In Hand Stallion Show Bridle conforming to Level 3 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification.  For those in years 3 and 4.

    Sponsored by Tandy Leather and Musto

1st:    Lucy Ellis, Saddlery Training Centre
    2nd:    Amy Baldwin, Saddlers Den and Saddlery Training Centre
    3rd:    Katja Noergaard

    Premiums:  Lucy Ellis, Amy Baldwin, Katja Noergaard, Rachel Lok, Sorrel Russell, Samantha Wuczke, Becky Simmons, Chloe Webb, Signe Dreyer and Lily Spackman

Class 2c    Trainee Harness.  Sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Coach and Coach Harness Makers

    Crupper and Dock conforming to Level 2 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification.

1st:    Gudrun-Kirstine Gadegaard Thuesen, Capel Manor College
    2nd:    Lucy Ellis, Saddlery Training Centre
    3rd:    Zoe Hurst, Capel Manor College

    Premiums: Gudrun-Kirstine, Lucy Ellis, Zoe Hurst, Amy Baldwin, Rachel Lok, Andrew Hawkins, Tara Griffin, Kristiyan Marinov, Emily Cain, Signe Dreyer and Katja Noergaard

Class 3a    Trainee Saddle (Rural) for those with no more than 4 years in the trade
    With sponsorship from H Webber in conjunction with Osborne Tools

    Any type or size of Leather Saddle (must be suitable to meet the criteria of C&G Level 2 or 3 Saddle specification)

    1st:    Becky Simmons, Saddlery Training Centre
    2nd:    Katja Noergaard, Saddlery Training Centre
    3rd:    Rudy Llewellyn, Saddlery Training Centre   

    Premiums:  Becky Simmons and Katja Noergaard

Class 3b    Trainee Saddle (Trade) for those with no more than 4 years in the trade

    Any type or size of leather astride Saddle (must be manufactured on a wooden tree)

1st:    Luke Dunphy, Ideal Saddle Company
    2nd:    Jack Moseley, Frank Baines Saddlery
    3rd:    Marcus Lugsdin, Ideal & WRS Company
    Premiums:  Luke Dunphy, Jack Moseley and Marcus Lugsdin and Nathan Westwood Vale Brothers, Samuel Smith Bliss of London and Jesus Flores Natera Ryder Saddles.

Class 4    Intermediate Bridle

    A Pair of Leather Rolled Reins

    1st:    Kirsty Thomson
    2nd:    Julia Veen, Chobham Rider
    3rd:    Rachel Lok, Nutwell Saddlery

    Premiums:  Kirsty Thomson and Julia Veen.

Class 5    Special Open Class

    A Pair of Dressage Stirrup Leathers

    1st:    Christer Dahlberg
    2nd:    Lily Spackman, S E S Saddlery
    3rd:    Kathrine Holm

    Premiums:  Christer Dahlberg, Lily Spackman, Kathrine Holm, Lynsey Ellis, Helen Reader and Stephanie Bullock

Class 6    Small Business Saddle Makers

    Any design of English astride leather Saddle
    1st:    Michele Christensen
    2nd:    Stephanie Rubbo
    3rd     Stephanie Bullock   

    Premiums:  Michele Christensen

Class 7     Trade / Company Saddle

    Any design of leather English astride Saddle

    1st:    Frank Baines Saddlery

Class 8    Open Harness 
    A leather Harness Bridle suitable for Exercise or Work
    Sponsored by Cribbs Carriage Masters
    1st:    Catrien Coppens
    2nd:    Samuel Belasco, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment
    3rd:    Corrin King

    Premiums:  Catrien Coppens and Samuel Belasco

Class 9    Open Bridle

    Dressage Snaffle Bridle

    1st:    Matthew Payne
    2nd:    Catherine Baker
    3rd:    Lisa Hoskins

    Premiums:  Matthew Payne and Catherine Baker

Class 10    Open Saddle

    Dressage Saddle

    1st:    Colin Potts, Vale Brothers
    2nd:    Stephen Wragg, Frank Baines Saddlery
    3rd:    Dennis Townsend, Ryder Saddles

    Premiums:  Colin Potts, Stephen Wragg, and Dennis Tonwnsend, Keith Richardson, Michael Roper and Anthony Barnes from Frank Baines Saddlery and Matthew Donnellan of Ryder Saddles

Class 11     A Side Saddle

    1st:    Nicola Watson
    2nd:    Coralie Chung

    Premiums:  Nicola Watson and Coralie Chung

Class 12    Open Class

    Any Western Style Riding Bridle

    1st:    Grace Willsmer
    2nd:    Kathrine Holm
    3rd:    Martina Dawson

    Premiums:  Grace Willsmer and Kathrine Holm

Class 13    The President's Choice

    Box Work

    1st:    Line Hansen for the clarinet case
    2nd:    Helen Leedham for the bowling ball bag
    3rd:    Julie Yates for the flask case

    Premiums: Tiffany Parkinson, Hilary Lambe, Tamsin Raymond and Carolyn Truss


The Tony Byrne Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry by an Apprentice or Trainee was awarded to Corrin King for her entry in the open harness class.

The Tony Russell Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry was awarded to Catrien Coppens for her entry in the open harness class.

The Ken Lyndon Dykes Perpetual Trophy for best entry in the President's Choice class was awarded to Line Hansen for the Clarinet Case.

The Neil McCarraher Trophy for the most attractive and commercially viable saddle in Class 7 was awarded to Frank Baines Saddlery.

The Side Saddle Association Trophy for the best side-saddle entry was won by Nicola Watson.

The Alf Batchelor Memorial Trophy for the best bridlework entry was awarded to Grace Willsmer for her entry in the Western bridle class, presented by John Batchelor.

The Les Coker Millennium Trophy for best entry by an Apprentice was awarded to Rachel Lok for her headcollar entered in the Master and Apprentice Class.

The Bruce Emtage Memorial Plate for BEST IN SHOW was awarded to Colin Potts for his entry in the Open Saddle Class