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2015 Results

Class 1      Master and Apprentice
                A Snaffle Bridle and Reins.
                Winners:    Emily White and Charlotte Chamberlain, Cirencester Saddlers
                Premiums: Emily White and Charlotte Chamberlain, Guy Barrett and Julia Balfour

Class 2a    Trainee Bridlework - Years 1 & 2
A Running Martingale conforming to Level 2 City & Guilds Skills Assessment specification.
                Sponsored by Osborne Tools
                 1st:    Corrin King, Capel Manor College
                 2nd:   Eva Shiyanova, Capel Manor College
                 3rd:    Susan Neil, Capel Manor College
                 4th:    Heather Osborne, Capel Manor College
                 Premiums:  Corrin King, Eva Shiyanova, Susan Neil, Heather Osborne and Lydia Newsome

Class 2b   Trainee Bridlework - Years 3 & 4
                A Atherstone Girth conforming to Level 3 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification.
                Sponsored by Abbey England
                1st:    Kirsty Thomson, Royal Mews
                2nd:   Tanya Baldwin, The King's Troop RHA
                3rd:    Lois Wybraniec

Class 3     Trainee Saddle
Any type or size of Leather Saddle conforming to the criteria of C&G Level 2 or 3 Saddle specification
                1st:    Victoria Scott, Hastilow Competition Saddles
                2nd:   Michele Christensen, Jan Guldborg Jensen
                3rd:    Kerry Salomon, Saddlery Training Centre
                4th:    Leslie Evans, White Rose Saddlery
                Premiums: Victoria Scott and Andrew French

Class 4      Intermediate Bridle
Any type or size of Leather Roller
                1st:    Kirsty Thomson, Royal Mews
                2nd:   Lois Wybraniec
                3rd:    Julia Balfour, Chobham Rider
                Premiums:  Kirsty Thomson

Class 5      Special Open Class
A Rolled Dog Collar
                1st:    Helen Reader
                2nd:   Frances Kelly
                3rd:    Tiffany Parkinson
                Premiums:  Helen Reader and Frances Kelly

Class 6     Small Business Saddle Makers
                Any design of English Astride leather saddle
                1st:    Ingrid Sanders
                2nd:   Pamela Foesch

Class 7      Trade / Company Saddle
Any design of leather English Astride saddle
                Winner:     Steven Delaney, Vale Brothers
                Premiums: Steven Delaney, Vale Brothers and Dennis Townsend, Ryder Saddlery

Class 8     Open Harness
                   A Breastcollar
                1st:    Catrien Coppens
                2nd:   Louise Palmer
                3rd:    Derek Pratt
                Premiums:  Catrien Coppens and Louise Palmer

Class 9      Open Bridle
A Bridle suitable for Cross Country
                1st:    Frances Kelly
                2nd:   Kirsty Thomson, Royal Mews
                3rd:    Jennifer Roy
                Premiums:  Frances Kelly, Kirsty Thomson, Jennifer Roy, Abby Nowell and Lisa Hoskins

Class 10   Open Saddle
Any design of leather Saddle suitable for Cross Country or Show jumping
1st:    Steven Delaney, Vale Brothers
                2nd:   Mike Roper, Ryder Saddlery
                3rd:    Andrew Hastilow, Hastilow Competition Saddles
                Premiums: Steven Delaney and Mike Roper

Class 11   A Side Saddle
                1st:    Clare Barnett
                2nd:   Jocelyn Danby
                Premiums:  Clare Barnett

Class 12    The President's Choice
Any Leather Table Decoration with an Equestrian Theme
                1st:    Helen Leedham
                2nd:   Jeanette Hutchinson
                3rd:    Chris Taylor
                Premiums:  Helen Leedham, Jeanette Hutchinson, Chris Taylor, Mary Wing To and Rut

Competition Trophies:
The Neil McCarraher Trophy for the most attractive and commercially viable saddle in the trade class was awarded to Vale Brothers.
Prize received by Peter Wilkes

The Tony Byrne Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry by an Apprentice or Trainee was awarded to Derek Pratt for his entry in the open harness class.

The Tony Russell Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry was awarded to Catrien Coppens for her entry in the open harness class.

The Alf Batchelor Memorial Trophy for the best bridlework entry was awarded to Frances Kelly for her entry in the open bridle class.

The Side Saddle Association Trophy for the best side saddle entry was awarded to Clare Barnett.

The Les Coker Millennium Trophy for the best entry by an Apprentice was awarded to Victoria Scott for her double bridle entered in the trainee bridle class.

The Bruce Emtage Memorial Plate for Best in Show was awarded to Helen Leedham for her entry of the horse's head entered in the President's Choice class.