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Becoming a Member

The Society of Master Saddlers represents and supports the profession of saddlery and harness making in the fields of trade manufacturing, retail, individual craftspeople and saddle fitting.

What do we do for members?
Promote the Society logo and encourage the public to 'Look for the Badge'.

Distribute Lists of Members, the Register of Qualified Saddle Fitters, and advisory leaflets.

Support Trade Members with the introduction of swing tickets and the saddle ID scheme and promoting British Saddlery.

Keep members up-to-date with current regulations.

Provide advisory policies and guidelines on issues relating to saddlery.

Conduct the Society's Qualified Saddle Fitters Course.

Conduct the Introductory Course in Saddle Fitting in conjunction with the British Equestrian Trade Association.

Conduct the Overseas Retailers Saddle Fitting Course to encourage export of UK manufactured saddles and gain International recognition.

Run a Refresher Day for Qualified Saddle Fitters to keep them up to date with current practices and theories.

Conduct the Bridle Fitting Course to improve knowledge on the fit and uses of bridlework.

Arrange Seminars and training modules for members covering topical themes and run joint training days with other organisations.

Offer a CPD scheme for all members to ensure their skills are up to date and a range of courses for those wishing to extended their practices.

Work with other organisations to encourage a closer working relationship between the equine professions.

Provide affinity schemes which offer discounts to members for website design, insurance, credit card terminals, car hire etc.

Carry out research using the Pliance pressure testing system, owned in conjunction with the BEF.

Promote members through the Yellow Pages Corporate Advertising Scheme.

Promote the Society and its members through our comprehensive website.

Provide advice on training and entry into the trade.

Assist in the administration of the Millennium Apprenticeship Scheme.

Assist in administration of the City & Guilds Skills Assessment & Qualification Scheme.

Provide Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for relevant members as part of the annual subscription.

Provide professional advice for members through the free legal help-line and offer advice on complaints via our Liaison Officer.

Promote members through comprehensive press coverage across the UK.

Encourage co-operation between members through regional groups.

Organise the annual National Saddlery Competition in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Saddlers to encourage and maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Distribute a Newsletter to members.

Organise the British Saddlery Pavilion and Saddlery Competitions at BETA International, so promoting the UK saddlery trade.

Administer a prize voucher scheme for the Saddlers' Company to encourage competitive riding and the subsequent introduction of new customers to members.

Provide information from time to time on saddlery related issues.

Represent the interests of members and the saddlery trade on relevant committees

For more information on becoming a member please contact the Society office on 01449 711642 or submit an enquiry online here.

Click here to download the Pathway to becoming a Member.